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Ambuja Cement

Known for its high strength, high performance cement caters to each of its three customer segments – Individual Home Builders (IHBs), Masons and Contractors, and Professionals

An established brand in India, Ambuja Cement is known for its high strength, high performance Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) and Pozzolana Portland Cement (PPC). OPC & PPC both are high quality active hydraulic binders & are preferred brands in the market for all the construction applications. The company currently has a manufacturing capacity of 29.65 million tonnes.

Innovation – the hallmark of Ambuja Cement since its inception – has helped it develop technology to produce cement of consistent quality from diverse raw materials. About 25 per cent of the company’s production of high strength Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) uses fly ash – a waste produced in thermal power plants – as raw material. PPC currently constitutes 93 percent of the company’s product portfolio.

Ambuja was the first to introduce 53-grade cement in the market. By benchmarking quality standards for the industry, Ambuja became the first cement company to receive the ISO 9002 quality certification.

Through use of state-of-the-art technology and strong thrust on research and development, Ambuja Cement has developed products to cater to its three customer segments – Individual House Builders, Masons and Contractors, and Professionals.

Ambuja Plus Roof Special


It takes years to dream a home and many more to build your dream. Hence, it’s important only to use the best for your home. Ambuja Plus Roof Special is a special quality PPC cement with advanced SPE technology. It extracts 100% of silicate gel from cement that helps in making the concrete stronger, denser and leak proof, resulting in strengthening of the roof.

Common roof problems that lead to Leakages

1. Bad quality raw material
a. Improper size and shape of aggregates
b. Silt in sand
c. Dusty aggregates
d. Single size coarse aggregate

2. Bad quality of workmanship
a. Lack of knowledge
b. Neglect standard process for convenience

3. Improper proportioning & mixing of concrete ingredients
a. Lack of knowledge
b. Absence of experts on site
c. Non-availability of scientific tools & methodology

4. Water : Cement ratio
a. Higher Water : Cement ratio
b. Lack of knowledge
c. Neglect standard process for convenience

5. Curing
a. Difficult & strenuous process
b. Non-availability of water and man power
c. Lack of knowledge of scientific method

6. Slope of slab/roof
a. Improper sloping
b. Improper leveling

7. Rain water outlets
a. Blocked and inadequate rain water outlet

8. Finishing of the roof surface
a. Neglect standard practice
b. The joints between the parapet wall and roof are not sealed
c. Joint in between the tiles are not sealed

Ambuja Cement Compocem

At Ambuja we’ve always looked to create the strongest cement, with the lightest carbon footprint. By creating an innovative product line, Ambuja is bringing sustainability to people’s homes.

In February 2017, Ambuja became the first cement company in India to launch Portland Composite Cement (PCC). The uniqueness of this product was a formula that contained an optimum combination of fly ash and slag – both waste products. This allowed the substitution of natural materials. It was the result of over 18 months of R&D on cement quality. Yet it began with a challenge, to create a unique cement that was lighter in colour without compromising on strength. And the result was a premium product, Compocem, that was successfully launched in the eastern markets of India.

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